A Unique Concept – Signal School

‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ – A saying everyone has heard through stories or school books.

However the Non-Profit Samartha Bharat Vsaaspeeth has put this to practice and opened a one of its kind ‘Signal School’.

The Signal School focuses on children that come from below poverty line families who are often denied the basic right to food and shelter; or in other words survival. Some are trafficked or even forced by their own families to sell wares or work odd jobs at traffic signals in order to earn two bare meals a day.

The Signal School was opened in June 2016 under a flyover bridge on a busy traffic signal on a highway near Mumbai. The signal has many children of different age groups that sell toys, small devices, seasonal decorations or even beg for food or money. The location is well thought out considering the number of children one can spot at this signal.

The Signal School started with gathering the children from the signal into a make-shift school and providing them means for education. Through patient persistence, they have grown from 17 to 30 children and offer not only education but books and meals which prevent the children from being sucked back into begging and selling wares.

To know more about this heart warming initiative take a look at their website: http://signalshala.in/

Indeed where there is a will, there is a way – a way to identify where help is needed, a way to create opportunity, a way to give children the Hope of a future that their families want to give them but were constrained because – survival is not that simple for everyone.


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