Current Projects

Nirmaan Organization – Nirmaan Vidya HelpLine

Tanu with Nirmaan Team

Project Brief:

The proposal is to support three key projects of Nirmaan Vidya HelpLine – the Career Guidance HelpLine, Career Counselling workshops and Career Saathi Program. About 7,000 students would be benefitted with the current proposal.

Project Steward: Tanushree Rawat
Project Partner(s): Chandra Putchakayala
Project Type: Resource Centers
Primary Focus: Creating Resources
Secondary Focus: Dropouts
Area: Rural

More details are available on the Project Page.
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Project Brief:
Unnati organization has been working towards transforming the underprivileged, unemployable and below poverty level youth and making them economically independent. Asha Madison chapter is looking at ways to support the youth training program.

Project Steward: Prathibha Nandagudi
Project Partner(s): Ramesh Swamy
Project Type: Alternative Education
Primary Focus: Vocation Training
Secondary Focus: Other
Area: Urban

More details are available on the Project Page.