Different Strokes

Have you ever –

Seen a talented kid working odd jobs because they cannot afford a school?

Seen a child forced to work because the family needs additional hands at work?

Looked at children on traffic signals and wondered why they are not in school?

Come across a bright child who has the potential but not the means to make it big?

Asha’s Madison Chapter  presented a short yet succinct skit during the UW Madison’s Diwali Night celebration of 2017 – ‘Different Strokes’. A skit aimed at sensitizing people to the realities of daily lives which we often miss. A skit that brought out the different abilities of children with different privileges or lack there of.

‘Different Strokes’ was a story of one such child which you may have seen in every house hold – the hard working, simple yet a brilliant child of Ramu Kaka who has the spark to make it big but is content with his small world. A child who can shine if given a chance but is confined to chores in the house because his family cannot afford to send him to school.

The story portrayed a content family child Gul and Ramu Kaka’s son Ravi. It outlined the differences in how both kids had different means in life and how they could advance their little world of maths and geography through mutual dialogue and helping each other. Inspite of the differences in their situations, the sparks they carry may give them a chance to make it big in life – but does everyone get a chance to walk the path to success?

If you answered yes to any questions above or Ravi reminded you of a similar child or if you have known about situations like these and wanted to do something, join Asha’s effort to bring hope to the lives of children through education and means that will help them survive and hopefully walk on a path of better lives.

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Means for education – Basic and Advanced

Asha team playing various characters LtoR: Mom, Gul, Ravi, Ramu Kaka

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